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After reviewing all of my previous blogs, I've decided that they are ridiculously depressing for no reason at all. I promise that I am generally a happy person(except when I write songs...but let's face it... there are very few people that are actually happy when they write songs). Despite the few fast ball that's God has thrown in my direction(and I have to say... I suck at baseball) I have had a life that so many people can only dream of having. I have a beautiful family that shares a love deeper than I could of ever hoped for. I have been given grace and opportunity that I deserve about as much as an onion(I'm pretty sure that made no sense but I'm hungry and so I had to throw a food reference in there somewhere). All in all, I have more things to be happy about at this very moment than a lot of people have in their whole lifetime. Therefore, I have decided to get over myself and stop pretending that I have something to be depressed about. I have also decided that George Harrison is my favorite Beatle but now that just doesn't really fit into this blog. Anyway, that being said, most of my blogs should be fairly uplifting from here on out. So until my next blog, farewell and happy blogging!