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I'm afraid that I have the self-discipline of a 2 year old child. There are so many things that I try to do and know that I need to do and somehow... I manage to completely not do them. I have pretty much been this way my whole life. Unfortunately, it's because of this lack of self-discipline that I have become consumed by something that I shouldn't be consumed by. I know that the only truly good thing to be consumed by is God and his workings, and believe me, that's what I wish I was consumed by. No matter how hard I fight worldy, materialistic things, I can't seem to help but be addicted. I hate what society has done to the world's image but I can't really blame them. If I were strong and not a hypocrite, I could void this image out and focus on the one image that counts. Sadly, I am weak, and lack the control needed to be a genuine person. I hate the feeling I get when things that should be so much smaller than me, grow to be 10 times bigger than me. I know that I am bigger than all this... but why is it always so hard for me to rise to the occasion?