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Pet Peeves, Pet Peeves... so many to name... so little space. The following do NOT rock my face off.
1.) Dropping Laundry the whole way downstairs.
2.) Getting stuck in Traffic.
3.) When my parents ask me repeatedly what is wrong after I have told them repeatedly... nothing.
4.) Skinny folks who eat what they want, when they want and reap no excess flab from these things.
5.) People who don't smile.
6.) People who talk just so they can hear their voice.
7.) Tuning into the radio at the end of my favorite songs.
8.) Children who can't obey their elders.
9.) The pay check not being as big as you wanted it to be.
10.) When the dads plans our vacation...(BIG FREAKING NO NO!)
11.) The media... for always making me feel wonderful about myself. Thanks guys...
The following list of things, are things that I adore and am highly thankful for.
1.) The fact that God loves me.
2.) Music
3.) My family
4.) History
5.) People who smile.
6.) Roly Poly
7.) People with self-confidence.
8.) Soft sheets.
9.) Starbucks
10.) The Revolutionaries.. for wanting something different.
11.) My dog.
Orange tick tacks make your boobs grow....I'm pretty sure I read that somewhere. I wish I knew why the second list was so much harder to make than the first. I think it must have something to do with the fact that I tend to look mostly at the empty side of the glass. Hmm...It's a very, VERY...Mad world.