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So it's Friday night and I have just spent the evening sitting in my room playing some tunes on the guitar. Now this is not a bad thing, and it is, in fact, what I had intended to do when I left work today, but it wasn't all that I expected it to be. At one point in time, I went downstairs and started a card game with my mother. That didn't last long. Half way through the game my mother says, "Why don't you play solitaire?" It's official... even my mother thinks I'm lame. Now Zoolander may be just a funny, good time flick, but I have found myself asking the question "Who am I?" a lot here lately. That's one of those questions that you can really spend a lot of time thinking about without even thinking about it. It's so strange that it seems so simple and yet it is somehow ridiculously huge(I threw the ridiculous in there for Zoolanderous purposes). Sometimes, I want so badly to just breakdown. I'm not sure what I would do in this breakdown, but I would sure like to just let everything go. Everything that I think about for hours when I'm lying in bed, the millions of things that go through my head every time I eat something, the way I feel every time I pass a magazine stand. To tell you the truth...I can talk about loving others all day long, but unless I somehow manage to learn to love myself, and accept me for me, then I don't think I can love others the way they deserved to be loved. I know this probably makes me sound ridiculous and depressing...but maybe it's time to face the truth.

-The hand that I've been dealt, it seems my walls are caving in
-There has to be a way for me to crawl out of this skin
-I'd walk away, I'd leave it all, and finally be free
-To make my way through life and be who I was meant to be