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Sucks to my car!! 2 years old and the stupid thing didn't pass inspection...Thanks Volkswagen! Anywho, I finally found a pair of jeans today and I can tell that they are going to be great jeans (I'm so deep... lol). I read Katherine's blog tonight and it's interesting because I am in an ethics class this semester and am moments away from writing a paper for the class. It's really amazing that there are so few 'nice' and ethical people in the world. Each day is filled with immoral stupid people that drive me up the wall and I turn around and am immoral and stupid to someone else. It just rubs off on me. I remember back in the day(I am 19 now so I can say that..ha ha!) when we were taught that a smile could make someone's day. Well... in today's society a smile just becomes a big question. Why is that person smiling at me? Do I have something on my face? Is he/she perverted and are they thinking weird things about me? It's very hard for a smile to just be a smile. So I think about it and when I feel like smiling at someone I wonder... will this person think I'm a total creep if I smile at them. All in all...a very simple gesture has become a huge decision for me. It feels wonderful outside... I'm going to go and sit.