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I can't explain the rain,
It just seems to fall
Each time we're taking a walk outside
This road may seem long
But it's the road that we're on
And unless you can fly us away
I guess we'll stay

So for all those people out there who know how flaky I am (probably everyone that has met me) I have decided to go to Texas Tech in January. My dad really randomly said the other night..."Well maybe she just needs us to tell her what to do....and she just needs to go to Tech...next semester." I took that as a long awaited 'sign' and got the process rolling. I am scared to death but I am so sick of not ever doing anything about my state. I complain and complain that I don't know what I doing with my life and that I don't know where I am going to go and yet I never seem to do anything about it... until now. I was going to apply to UT but the deadline was October 1 whereas Tech's is December 1(gotta love that Tech). So, I took that as yet another sign. I honestly don't even care at this point if it is the right thing because I really feel like the most important thing is that I am doing something. I may be back in a semester but I'm hoping that this is that big leap that I have needed to take for a long time. "Good luck exploring the infinite abyss!"