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Yesterday was a good day. I didn't think it would be concidering it was Monday and I had a ton o' pointless crap to do. But, somehow, it was just a good day. I like good days. Good days make for a good mood. After I did my Ethics notebook last night(in about 45 minutes) I enjoyed a little Mystery Science Theatre with my brother and Geeves. I'm afraid that coffee with Katherine has brought about new anxieties for me. The whole idea that none of what I am doing matters is really starting to get to me. Luckily, these grades don't matter because I am already accepted to Tech, but I have to ask myself about whether or not I will care about what I am doing once I get out there. I have had a lot of 'on my chair' moments lately (although, I do not have a sturdy chair to stand on so I usually just imagine that I am standing on the chair, which doesn't have the same affect but close enough to it. ) Ashley just got one of those Nissan Z's. Needless to say, I am jealous. I love my car but the fact that she got one of those crazy things just blows my mind. I'm afraid that I have a real problem with jealousy, especially when it comes to Ashley. I hate that because she is my best friend and should just be happy for her. Up until I found out about her Z I did at least have a better car than her, but now.... I got nothing. What a bummer! Hmm... that's enough random thoughts for now. P.S. Why is the color on the box never the color of my hair when I am finished dying it? I was just wondering about that.