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Why is it that my bed always seems to be so much more comfortable in the mornings when I have to get out of it than at night when I'm suppose to be in it? One of those things I guess. Anywho, I'm tired and I have to babysit tonight...boo to being a sucker and boo to yuppy moms having a jewelry party! Maybe it will pay well! You know in the mornings I always feel like I should just stay in my bed for the whole day. That way, at least I"ll know that I won't screw anything up, that I won't say something I should have, that I won't do something I'll regret, and so on and so on. There was a prayer thing that came out sometime when I was in elementary school about telling God I haven't made any mistakes today, and I've been nothing but good and so on and so on and then at the very end of the prayer it says "but pretty soon I'm going to have to get out of bed and I'm sure that will all change." I know it seemed kind of just funny at the time but I gotta tell you, I often feel that it's not that far off. Waking up in the morning is perfection. God has given me another day to do with it what I shall, and at that moment things could not be in better harmony. Maybe I'll try that some Saturday...just staying in bed all day and not letting anything about the day become corrupted, but it won't be this Saturday... that's for sure. Cleaning house for the family at Thanksgiving...Hooray!