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SO my best friend in the world got engaged a week ago. It has been nothing but insane, surreal thoughts since she told me. It's just a whole new level that I wasn't ready to experience yet. I mean...we are the same age!! Granted they are not getting married until 2006, the fact that she has a freaking engagement ring is just almost more than I can understand. I never would have expected that Ashley would be married before I was. That's not to say that she isn't gorgeous and I'm sure the perfect girlfriend. It's just that she never cared about guys for all the time that we were inseperable (pretty much up until my junior year when I had to move). It's just really nuts and I honestly am still not sure. Gosh gosh gosh, other than that things are going pretty ok. I am leaving for Tech on the 8th of January and I'm pretty pumped about that. It feels so good to know that things are taken care of for awhile. It feels great to know that I'm probably going to be at Tech until I graduate....no more going to a new school every semester. Oh well...I'm going to go and eat some supper now. Good luck exploring the infinite abyss!