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So I wasn't going to start this post with so, but I lied. I do that sometimes. I don't really know what to blog about and I have sat at my computer every day wishing that I had something profound and heartfelt to blog about, but alas...no such luck. I did make the Texas Tech twirling line, which was exciting. But then, I guess I was just kidding because I told them I didn't want to do it. Weirdo...Anyway, I'm sitting here in my wretched dorm room wishing I were anywhere but here. Not because I am unhappy, but mostly because living in a dorm sucks. My friend Lindsey and I are getting an apartment in the fall (not to worry, I haven't lost it, it just so happens that my friend's name really is Lindsey) so that's exciting. My life is pretty lethargic right now, nothing really new and exciting going on...but I'm beginning to understand that that's ok. I appreciate the not so simple task of just existing now more than I ever have. I love my friend Lindsey, everyone in the world is getting married, and I have a new boyfriend named Cody. After three years of the only thing really keeping us apart being age, we finally crossed the barrier and things make sense. He is at least 5,643 cups of awesomeness, and I'm pretty crazy about him. I got a lovely yellow TTU parking ticket on my car this morning...that was nice. Some people have Lucky Charms for breakfast...others have a 25 dollar ticket for parking in your own dorm parking lot. Well...I've managed to blog quite a bit about nothing, so I'm going to do something else. Katherine I miss you, and congratulations on the engagement Steve! To anyone else who may read this blog...I hope your life is beautiful. =)=)