Sunday, May 15, 2005

Things that I am loving right now:
1. My dad's subscription to a music downloading site...glorious...
2. The color brown
3. Target
4. Rufus Wainwright
5. Sleeping(It's amazing...I'm actually doing it...)
6. Old friends, new friends
7. Coffee...I'm really trying to cut back.
8. The fact that I am RETURNING to the same college I was at in the spring(I wasn't sure it could be done. I was thinking of seeing if I could break a record or something, but alas, Tech has kind of stuck on me.)
9. My new Beatles T-Shirt
10. My VHS's
11. My dog
12. My house
13. The song Going to California by Zeppelin...

Things I am loving not so much right now:
1. The price of gas
2. The fact that my check engine light is on
3. The lack of Daybreak Coffee Roasters here
4. My obsessions
5. Remembering not so loveable things
6. Summer school looming in the distance
7. My guitar
8. My affinity for chocolate...actually, I would be ok with this if it weren't bad for you...someone should work on that
9. My skin
10. My messy, messy unpacked room/car
11. Summer jobs...ick...

Thursday, May 12, 2005

On dissapointment:
I'm usually so careful when it comes to what I'll let get to me. I try so hard to guard myself from being let down, because if there is one thing that I hate in this world, it's being dissapointed. I knew better...I did. But for some stupid reason, I let my guard down one time, and that was all it took. I'm mad at myself, because it's my own fault. I sometimes wonder why life does that to you. It lifts you up sooo high and then drops you on your face...bummer. Anyway, life will go on and odds are I will be dissapointed again so I'm going to have to get over it I suppose. On a happier note...I made a 93 on my Physics final and in my excitement, I fell down the stairs. That was fun. Oh bla dee, oh bla daa, life goes on...

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Things have officially been wound down. Yet another semester of college has flown by, and I find myself being more and more amazed at how true the old saying 'time flies when you are having fun' is. This semester has been well....exceptional. I do things...I enjoy my time, I love all of my friends. But, I was thinking the other day, that I have yet to reach that point where I am 100% 'rock on, stick your tounge out and your hands up' college. I'm not having the time of my life, or at least I hope I'm not. Like I said...that's not to say that I'm not having a great time...I'm just not having THE time. The imagination is a funny place, and in mine, I tend to create the unpossible(I realize this isn't a word, but I like it just the same). This of course only leads to dissapointment. Unfortunately, I, like most people, apparently missed the "We're fond of dissapointment" line, and because of this, am forever doomed to be let down. It's ok though, because there are bigger things in life. Bigger things to come...more life altering things to come. There is the time of my life to come! I'm exhausted, and in DIRE need of my own bed. I think some Switchfoot is in order...

It was a beautiful letdown
When I crashed and burned
When I found myself alone, unknown and hurt
It was a beautiful letdown
The day I knew
That all the riches this world had to offer me
Would never do

In a world full of bitter pain and bitter doubt
I was trying so hard to fit in, fit in
Until I found out
That I don't belong here (I don't belong)
I don't belong here (I don't belong)
I will carry a cross and a song
Where I don't belong, I don't belong

It was a beautiful letdown
When you found me here
Yeah for once in a rare blue moon
I see everything clear
I'll be a beautful letdown
That's what I'll forever be
And though it may cost my soul
I'll sing for free
We're still chasing our tails in the rising sun
In our dark water planet still spinning in a race where
No one wins and no one's won

See I don't belong here
I don't belong, I don't belong
I will carry a cross and a song
Where I don't belong, I don't belong
I don't belong here, I don't belong here
I don't belong here, I don't belong
I'm gonna set sight and set sail for the kingdom come
Kingdom come
Your kingdom come
Won't you let me down yeah
Let my foolish pride
Forever let me down

Ah, easy living, you're not much like your name
Easy dying, hey you look just about the same
Would you please take me off your list
Easy living, please come on and let me down

We are a beautiful letdown
Painfully uncool
The church of the drop outs, the losers, the sinners, the failures, and the fools
Oh what a beautiful letdown
Are we salt in the wound
Hey, let us sing one true tune, yeah

I don't belong here (I don't belong)
I don't belong here (I don't belong)
I don't belong here (I don't belong)
Feels like I don't belong here (I don't belong)
Yeah I don't belong here (I don't belong)
Cuz I don't belong here (I don't belong)
No I don't belong
Would you let me down
Come on and let me down
You always let me down
So glad that I'm let down, yeah
Come on and let me down
Cuz I don't belong to you
Won't you let me down?