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You know when you are walking out a door and there are people behind you...and if you decide to hold the door open for them, it takes forever for them to get to the door and you are thinking that you should have just let the door shut, but then the time that you actually let the door shut, it feels like you slammed the door in the persons face? I hate that. This seems to be a pretty good analogy for my life at the moment however....Anything that I decide to close the door on, it was too soon and I missed the chance to do something great. Then, anything that I decide to dwell on and 'leave open', so to speak, ends up with me waiting something out that should have probably just been closed.

On a completely different note...anyone have any good suggestions on Bible verses that deal with jealousy and how rotten being jealous all the time is? I could go for some of those right about now...

Life is a funny thing.